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CCB uses all possible release strategies to make sure your shipment is cleared as quickly as possible and
in compliance with regulations set by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). 
We are equipped with the tools to complete the required forms in the correct manner and according to the CBSA guidelines.

  • Release of goods at all Canadian ports of entry
    (ACROSS: Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System)

  • Release on minimal documentation (RMD)

  • Release by pre-arrival inspection system
    (FIRST: Frequent Importer Release System; PARS: Pre-arrival Review System)

  • Release of goods in bond (ex-warehouse)

CCB customs brokers have the in-depth knowledge to ensure that Canadian customs laws are met.

  • Documentary requirements specific to certain departments (Agriculture, Health,
    Transport, Energy, etc.) and products subject to special import measures 
    (Anti-dumping and Countervailing duties)

  • List of products subject to the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA)

  • Issuance of import permits and export licenses

  • Procurement, verification, preparation and presentation of import and export documents

  • Temporary imports

  • Import service for non-residents

  • Local delivery to the importer/consignee

  • Follow-up of the shipment from the point of departure to the point of arrival

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Customs Clearance of Goods Into Canada

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